September 01, 2021

Meet KIC member Alicia – a seriously strong woman KIC’ing it in Sydney Lockdown

Say ‘hello’ to our incredible community member, Alicia. Alicia has been KICing it with us since September of 2019 and has incorporated KIC as part of her daily routine since. She currently finds herself in lockdown in Sydney, but has harnessed the KIC app to help her through this seriously challenging time. We are in absolutely awe of Alicia’s dedication to moving her body not only for its physical benefits but for the mental benefits too.

We wanted to share Alicia’s experience with the KIC Community (both in and out of lockdown) in the hope that it might help inspire you to prioritise and look after yourself, for you should always seek to be your own number one fan.

So, here is what Alicia had to say about her KIC journey, what she loves about KIC and what KIC means to her.

Why did you decide to join KIC?

I wanted to stay fit and active without the pressure of very strict and frankly unattainable exercise plans. I had tried a few and found the pressure mixed with unrealistic calorie intake very demotivating. This made me feel worse about myself, rather than better!

I really liked that KIC approached the mental benefits of movement not just the physical.

How has KIC helped you through lockdown?

It has given me something to look forward to and hold myself accountable in a positive way. I know if I organise and make time for a KIC workout I always feel 100 times better afterwards. KIC’ing it also helps me feel a bit more ‘normal’ and gives me time away from looking at my phone. I find it’s so easy to keep scrolling and get swept up in all the current Covid realities, which can be really emotionally and physically draining.

How does KIC make you feel?

KIC makes me feel part of a wonderful community. Anytime I have shared anything in the KIC Facebook Community everyone is so lovely and kind. Often reading through what other people have been sharing, makes me want to start a workout.

I always feel like I have achieved something after I complete a workout or master a new recipe!

What is your favourite KIC workout / app feature?

My favourite workouts are any strength workouts with Britt!

However, I really like that you have the option for a masterclass or the planner workout. You can tailor your workout to how you are feeling on any given day. I know the planner workouts are great for when I want to blast music and get stuck into it. Whereas I enjoy the masterclasses when I feel I need that added motivation of a KIC trainer to follow along.

What is your favourite KIC recipe?

I can’t choose just one! So I’m going with 2, the Butter Chicken and the Choc Banana Muffins.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone thinking about joining KIC?

I would say join, you don’t have anything to loose. It is a great app and the community is wonderful. You won’t regret it.

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the KIC community?

I like how motivating and encouraging everyone is. The Facebook Community is always such a positive and safe space. I am glad that the community is just as committed to moving their body to be healthy and happy.

What would you tell someone who is struggling to find the motivation to move their bodies during a lockdown?

I would say don’t put any pressure on yourself to achieve anything specific. We just need to focus on the positive and get through lockdown. Just move your body to feel good.

I don’t always have the motivation to do a workout, but I know I will feel better once I have done one. When I am unmotivated I tell myself  ‘just try for 5 minutes’ and I always keep going (I got this tip from Laura’s Instagram) and it works every time!


If you’re not already a part of the KIC community and would like to join Alicia (and thousands of other incredible women) you can trial KIC for 7 days and join the private KIC Facebook Community by signing up at