September 29, 2021

KIC’s favourite mediations to help you alleviate stress, reset and sleep better!

Here at KIC we are big believers in the importance of finding time to practice self-care and that’s why we’ve shone a light on sleep and self-care this Sleeptember.

One of our favourite ways to practice self-care is by meditating. It’s oh-so-simple but oh-so-effective. It does wonders for our mental health and always leaves us feeling better than we did before.

We want to encourage you to harness the power of meditation so we thought we’d share our favourite KIC mediations for when you’re feeling stressed, need to reset or are craving a better night’s sleep.

FEELING STRESSED? LISTEN TO: Getting out of Your Head with Meg

Are you feeling panicked with an elevated heart rate? Or perhaps you’re feeling utterly overwhelmed or out of control? If the answer is yes, then we definitely recommend giving this meditation a try!

We know that life right now is utterly worrying, especially since we’re in the throws of the pandemic, but we want to remind you that it’s important to find ways to cope and look after ourselves – and a KIC mediation is something you can do to practice self-care. We’ve kept this stress mediation short and sweet as we know that sometimes there isn’t much time to spare.

Although only 7 minutes, you’ll take a moment to stop and settle into stillness. It will help you to alleviate any tension you’re feeling by drawing focus to your breath, encouraging you to breath deeply and honestly checking in on yourself. We’ve got no doubt that you’ll feel more under control after taking a moment to complete this mediation.

NEED TO RESET? LISTEN TO: Welcome Happiness! with Meg

If you need a moment to reset at your desk, something to break up the different parts of your day or are simply feeling a little flat, then this is the perfect meditation for you.

In this simple 5 minute mediation you’ll take a moment to recognise any knots of discontent that might be present and be given an opportunity to let go of them and anything else that doesn’t serve you.

This mediation is such a great way to reboot you mind and patterns of thinking that might be negatively impacting your day. By letting your mind be free from focusing on all the thoughts, feelings, sounds and other distractions going on around you, you’re able to let the ‘non-controllables’ simply just happen and feel unburdened by them.

Taking the time to reset and welcome happiness can make all the difference to your day.

WANT A BETTER SLEEP? LISTEN TO: Receiving Rest with Meg

Get comfy in bed and immerse yourself in this 27 minute sleep mediation with Meg. Although slightly on the longer side, this mediation is one of our personal faves as it will help you feel relieved from your day and ready for sleep.

Beginning by Meg gently instructing you to close your eyes and settle down, your breathing will deepen and your body will fall into an ultimate state of relaxation and rest. Meg’s soothing voice allows you to forget any anxieties or mishaps of your day. This mediation is the perfect reminder that when bed time comes about, it’s okay to receive rest, release yourself from the throws of life and forget about anything that is going on and just be.

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