January 11, 2023

Episode #197: The best approach to goal setting in 2023

Today is all about goal setting and how to have the best mindset heading into the new year. We all tend to set these big goals for ourselves only to fail within the first few weeks. But there are ways to approach goal setting that’ll not only help us break them down to smaller and more achievable goals, but also help us keep up the motivation to achieve them.

KIC Head Trainer Danny talks us through the steps involved to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals this year, and Steph & Laura delve into why we shouldn’t focus on the number on the scales when it comes to our health goals.

PLUS, we’ve just launched new KIC Programs! These 3 progressive programs are tailored to your fitness level and include a 4 week KICSTART program, an 8 week KICFIT program, and a 12 week KICPRO program. Our New Year sale is still on, so if you’re keen to join KIC, you can save 50% off our monthly subscription by using the code NEWYEARSALE23 at checkout.

In today’s podcast, Laura discusses a helpful Ted Talk on why dieting does more harm than good, which you can listen to here: “Ted Talk: Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work, with Sandra Aamodt