June 17, 2022

Workout in Winter – Week 3

Week 2 is officially complete! Go you!

You’re officially half way through your POWER challenge! We hope you’re feeling happy, proud and strong!

Are you enjoying Leo’s workouts? No doubt you’re feeling the burn with his low & steady movements!

Let’s find out what’s in store for this week…


MONDAY: 30 minute Core & Glutes Pilates Burner

Get ready to smash out this ab and glute session that is sure to leave those legs shaking and core burning! This one moves through a sequence of arm crunches and dead bugs, followed by hamstring curls and fire hydrants. You’ll finish with a plank and squat pyramid as a final challenge – be prepared to sweat with this powerful Pilates class!

Missing a mini band? You can do it without!

WEDNESDAY: 15 minute Top to Toe Pilates Circuit

This Pilates power session will get you working from top to toe! Today you’ll start with a downward dog push up flow, then move into a series of knee tucks for a challenge. You’ll finish with a leg series including lunges and scooters to get those glutes and hamstrings working hard!

Substitute sliders with a pair of socks.

FRIDAY: 20 minute Full Body Circuit

Your muscles will be shaking after this full body power session with Laura. Leo will take you through an arms and abs sequence, executing long spines, planks and push ups to switch on the upper body from the get go. Followed by a leg flow with lunges and water skis while incorporating the use of dumbbells for that extra bit of burn.

No dumbbells, no dramas! Use two full drink bottles or tin cans.


This week is all about protein powder!

What is it? Why should you use it? How can you use it?

Protein is the key macronutrient that helps us to build and maintain muscle. A diet without protein means bye bye muscle – it’s actually incredibly important that you try to incorporate protein at every meal as having strong muscles are going to help support you throughout all areas of your life. The protein sources available to us are varied so no matter your dietary preferences, you can be sure there’s an adequate protein source for you! From chicken, to eggs, to tofu, to fish there are so many yummy options.

Protein powder is simply another protein option which is an easy and convenient way to boost your daily protein intake. You can find both vegan and non-vegan protein powders.

Non-vegan protein powders are commonly derived from milk and you might have heard them be called ‘whey protein powder’. Whey is simply a component of dairy milk and simply helps you to identify the type of protein. There are three types of Whey protein – WPI, WPH and WPC – which simply differ in their fat and lactose content. The KIC protein powders stocked at Woolworths are WPI and in all honesty, the difference between the types of Whey is so minute, that unless you’re a professional athlete or have particular intolerances, there’s really no need to worry about which type you’re purchasing.

Turning now to vegan protein powder which is most commonly derived from seeds and legumes. You might have seen pumpkin seed or peas plant based protein floating around. Vegan protein is great as it has no animal traces and is lactose free which means that no matter your dietary requirements, you can boost your protein intake.

Most often you’ll see protein powder being used for smoothies or even sometimes simply combined with water, but it can actually be incorporated into your porridge/oats, overnight weetbix and even some of your baking too! It’s all about finding cheeky little ways to help you boost your daily protein intake because here at KIC we want to help you feel strong.

Here are our favourite KIC recipes that use protein powder to help you boost your protein intake:

  • Protein Blondie Mug Cake
  • Strawberry White Chocolate Protein Blondies
  • Rice Crispy Protein Bars
  • Feel Good Protein Smoothie
  • Protein Bircher
  • Cookies and Cream Overnight Weetbix
Strawberry White Chocolate Protein Blondies
Cookies and Cream Overnight Weetbix
Feel Good Protein Smoothie
Protein Blondie Mug Cake
Rice Crispy Protein Bars
Protein Bircher

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Bring on week 3!