Meditate in May

Learn to reduce stress and anxiety, calm your mind and develop a healthy new habit.  All it takes is five minutes. Join us for Meditate in May! 

Prioritise YOUR mind with meditation

Dedicating just five minutes of your day can help you reduce stress, enhance positivity, boost confidence and increase calm. From letting go of anxiety to setting intentions, we’ll guide you through 16 powerful yet blissful meditations over the next four weeks. Available to all KIC members, you’ll find this challenge in the homepage of your KIC app from Monday, 2nd May. 


Trust me, you can meditate!

"Before you think 'meditation isn't for me' I truly encourage you to give this challenge a go. I had the exact same thought a few years back and now I couldn't imagine life without it. Meditation is such a powerful tool. It helps me reduce stress, clear my mind and increase my concentration. Meditation is a habit that I’m still working on, and in all honesty life sometimes gets in the way, but it’s incredible how just five minutes of meditation can have such a positive impact on the rest of my day. Join us this May and learn to develop a healthy new habit, together." Steph Claire Smith, KIC co-founder.



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