5 Week HIIT Challenge

Are you ready to KIC it into the silly season? Brooke is here to motivate you to move this summer with her fun and sweaty HIIT Challenge! Starts Monday, 15th November. 

It’s time to prioritise you! 

As we head into the busiest time of the year it’s important to schedule time for YOU. Over the 5 weeks of this challenge, you’ll feel motivated, empowered and energised to take on the rest of 2021 with confidence. We know you can do it. Ready, set, sweat! 


Get ready to HIIT it with Brooke

It's the time of year when our schedules start to fill up and self-care takes a back seat. This challenge is all about prioritising your mental health. 3 x 20 minute HIIT Masterclasses per week. Sign up to our challenge newsletter to receive motivational messages, meal prep ideas and be kept in the loop with all things HIIT! 



Ready to prioritise your body & mind this summer? Join us and try everything KIC has to offer for 7 days with no strings attached. Then as little as $9.58/month.