September 11, 2022

What is Dance Cardio?

We are thrilled to be launching Dance Cardio – your new favourite workout perfect for the days you’re struggling to motivate yourself to move. Lead by new Master Trainer Kath, here’s a little more detail about what you can expect from Kath’s in their Dance Cardio classes.

How will a Dance Cardio class benefit my body? Which parts of the body will I be working?

All of it! Dance Cardio is a full body workout. Mainly cardio training but you’re working all those big compound muscles in the process. In my longer workouts there is also an element of resistance which targets specific muscle groups. 

Do I need to be able to dance to take part in this workout style?

No way! My intention when writing the program was making sure ANYONE could do it. 

Is there a specific type of music that I need to listen to when completing a class? If not, do you have any music recommendations?

I would say keep it up beat! The workouts are designed to be accompanied with a dance beat. I love playing some Kylie or George Michael when getting my groove on. 

Is a Dance Cardio class suitable for someone who needs low impact workouts? If not, what modifications can I make?

Being general I would say no. Though, I do offer modifications throughout if you are choosing not to jump. But Dance Cardio is a higher impact workout compared to things such as pilates where there is much less cardio involved. 

Do I require any equipment?

Nope! All my classes are equipment free!

Kath Ebbs