January 07, 2022

So, what exactly is Bootcamp?

To help us get hyped for our brand new workout style, we asked our newest Master Trainer, Leo, to tell us what Bootcamp is all about! Get ready to sweat with Leo’s 20 minute Masterclasses that combine HIIT & Strength. Dropping in app Monday, 17th of Jan. 

1. What is Bootcamp training and what can we expect?

Bootcamp is a fully immersive full body workout which you can do anywhere as there’s no equipment needed at all! So, I’m expecting to see plenty of selfies for the KIC community of all the fun places you’re trying my workouts from! 

2. How do you describe your training style?

Challenging for sure – but I never plan something that you can’t do – so expect to be mentally challenged as well as physically.

3. So Leo, why should we workout with you?

I want to help you feel great, strong and empowered. Workout with me and hopefully we can achieve that together! 

4. How can we introduce Bootcamp into our routines?

It’s all about consistency – My workouts are 30 minutes long – I’ll be asking you to show up for yourself, helping you break down barriers and help you to feel great.  Over time hopefully we can take these same principles into our everyday life.

5. What workout styles will we see in bootcamp training?

I have planned EMOMs (every minute on the minute) / AMRAPS (as many reps as possible) / Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest) & Ladders (number of reps ascending or descending each set). So, expect it to be real fun!

6. What equipment do I need? Or what at-home alternatives can I use?

None! There are a couple of workouts which I’ve designed specifically for skipping ropes or resistance bands, you’ll know this before you start the Masterclass, but there’s always the option to go equipment-free!

7. Who are your bootcamp Masterclasses designed for?

Absolutely anyone and everyone! So make sure you tell your friends! 😜

8. Do you provide modifications if I haven’t done bootcamp before?

Yes! There’s always modifications – just listen out for them!

Leo Forchin