December 22, 2021

Our fave workouts you can do ANYWHERE

If you’re heading away these holidays and still want to move your body, then look no further than these equipment free workouts!

KIC is your PT in your pocket, we always have your back no matter the occasion. Whether you’re by the beach, high in the mountains or simply don’t have a gym close by, these workouts are perfect if you’re looking to enjoy an endorphin boost!

Rocksolid Core with Britt

We love a whole workout that is dedicated to working your core! The core is so important to strengthen as it supports us in all our other movements including walking! In this equipment-free workout Britt takes you through 8 different exercises across 2 rounds and then finishing with a cheeky burning finisher!

Cheeky Glutes with Brooke

Because who doesn’t love a cheeky booty workout?! This equipment free lower body focused session will leave your glutes feeling amazing and your heart rate high. Taking the time to work the booty is also going to help strengthen you legs and glute muscles which will support you in both your running and walking.

Total Body Tone with Mari

If you’re looking for a lower intensity no equipment workout, then look no further than this pilates session with Mari. Don’t be fooled, although some of the movements are small, their impact is mighty and the burn will creep up on you sooner than you think! Mari talks you through the entire workout reminding you to focus on your breathing and control.

Full Body Burnout with Ellice

Get ready to feel the BURN in this equipment free boxing workout. You can always, as Ellice suggests up the ante by using some light dumbbells if you’ve got them at your disposal. In this workout Ellice takes you through a range of boxing combos to work your body from head to toe in 5 x 3 minute rounds. Ellice walks you through each combos nice and slowly at the start before taking the pace up a notch!

Ready, Set, Sweat! with Brooke

Put your body to work with this seriously fun and challenging equipment-free HIIT workout with Brooke. The workout will take you through 3 different rounds, with each round focusing on a different body group – lower, upper and then core! Get ready to be absolutely glowing after the 20 minutes are up!

Find these equipment free workouts and more in your KIC app today!