August 10, 2022

Mini Movement Challenge – Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the MOVE Challenge.

You’re officially over half way through the challenge and if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere like us, you’re only 2 weeks away from spring – woohoo!

We hope that no matter how you’ve been building the KIC Minis into your routine that you’re feeling energised, fit and full of endorphins.

Find out what’s in store for your third week of the MOVE challenge below…

MONDAY: Equipment-Free Upper Body with Brooke (10 mins)

Join Laura for this equipment-free upper body challenge. 2 rounds starting with kneeling arm circles, forearm planks, tricep dips and toe touches, finishing with supermans and lay down push ups.

TUESDAY: Slider Challenge with Kika (5 mins)

Let’s slide into this lower body stabilising challenge and get those legs working. Single leg lunges, scooters and mountain climbers will help you feel maximum burn in minimum time.


  • Sliders

Substitute sliders with a pair of socks.

WEDNESDAY: Skipping Sweat with Leo (5 mins)

Let’s get that heart rate lifted with a skipping challenge. You’re guaranteed to feel an endorphin boost after this short & spicy workout with Leo.


  • Skipping rope.

Remember if you don’t have a skipping rope, you can opt for jumps or high knees.

THURSDAY: Barre Arms with Kika (5 mins)

Let’s fire up those arms with lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions and shoulder presses. Ready for a challenge? Let’s go!


  • Dumbbells

No dumbbells, no dramas! Use two full drink bottles or tin cans.

FRIDAY: Speedy Glutes with Brooke (5 minutes)

Your body & mind will feel the benefits of this 5 minute mini glute session. Join Brooke as you smash out sumo squats, glute bridges, bridge marches, reverse lunges and crab walks. 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, let’s go.

Equipment free!


If you’re looking to have an organised and productive week, be sure to consider meal prepping! We LOVE how much pressure this takes off our week and how much time we save. With meal prep, you’ll be able to say ‘goodbye’ to those after work supermarket shops and lose the stress of trying to figure out what to cook. Here are some meal prep recipes to consider whipping up this week:


  • Creamy Classic Bircher Muesli
    We love being able to have breakfast ready and waiting for us each morning. This bircher muesli is so damn quick and easy to prepare the night before, you could honestly do it half asleep! Simply combine the oats, water and coconut yoghurt into your container and pop in the fridge to set. Then in the morning all you need to do is top with your favourite fruits, nuts, seeds or even some honey! This is a time poor person’s perfect brekkie.

  • Japanese Rainbow Chicken Salad
    This salad has you eating the rainbow and we love how well it keeps in the fridge. Unlike other salads with tomato or avocado which can turn a little yuck when meal prepped, this salad featuring red cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, spring onion and edamame beans stays super fresh. As always, make sure to prepare your dressing when you prep, but only pour when ready to eat. 
  • Mexican Tofu and Rice
    It’s a big yes to anything Mexican from us! We love making this recipe on a Sunday afternoon or a Monday night for the week ahead. Once we’ve cooked this dish, we’ll assemble the 4 serves into 4 separate containers and when cooled, they go into the fridge until ready to grab and enjoy!

  • Chicken Cacciatore
    We can’t get enough of this tasty chicken dish. It needs only 6 ingredients and keeps and reheats so well! From time to time we’ll also add some capsicum or mushrooms into this dish too.
  • Tex Mex Sausage Tray Bake
    The humble sausage is taken to the next level with this dish. Regardless of the type of sausage you opt for (from chicken, beef, pork, gluten-free or plant-based) you’re in for a treat. This recipe is jam packed full of veggies and spices all which work together to bring the classic Mexican flavours you know and love to life.
Creamy Classic Bircher Muesli
Japanese Rainbow Chicken Salad
Mexican Tofu and Rice
Chicken Cacciatore
Tex Mex Sausage Tray Bake

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Bring on week 3 of the Mini Movement challenge!