November 12, 2021

Laura’s go-to post run smoothies

Refuelling is seriously important post run! Your body uses so much energy in each stride you take. We should never forget or take for granted the incredible machine that the human body is and how important it is to provide it with adequate energy.

Just like we re-charge our phones when the battery is low, we need to re-charge our bodies with nutrients, vitamins, carbs, fats and proteins post run to ensure we can continue to power through our day.

When it comes to my ultimate post run feed, I LOVE a good smoothie. It’s not only refreshing, but it is so quick, easy and I know that I’m pumping back into my body all the good stuff to help adequately replenish my energy stores and promote my recovery. So, here are my favourite smoothie combos:

Feel Good Protein Smoothie

Just like its name, I feel so good and nourished after enjoying this smoothie. Don’t let the green colour fool you – it’s packed with peanut butter, cacao and chocolate protein powder. The green colour simply comes from the addition of some spinach which is a great source of iron.

Creamy Mocha Smoothie

Whenever I feel like I need a little extra boost to my energy, I’ll always gravitate towards this smoothie. The 30ml shot of espresso combines my morning coffee and post run re-fuel all into one. This smoothie is also already super thick and creamy as it uses both avocado and banana. However, if i want it even thicker, I reduce the amount of milk to create an ice-cream like consistency turning this smoothie into a smoothie bowl! I’ll usually top it with some cacao nibs, peanut putter and fresh fruit.

Immune Boosting Ginger, Mango and Lime Smoothie

Say hello to the perfect immune boosting smoothie. I love enjoying this smoothie in those spring months when a few sniffles might still be lingering and hay fever could strike. Packed with bananas, mango and coconut milk, this tropical sensation is an oh-so refreshing post run snack. I will always add 35g of Keep It Cleaner Vanilla Protein to this recipe to ensure that my muscles are supported as best as possible in their recovery.

Banana Berry Smoothie

You can’t ever go wrong with the banana and blueberry smoothie combo. This is simple but delicious and I know I’m always going to get a ton of vitamins and minerals from the variety of fruits and veggies used in this recipe. Although simple it’s the perfect post run feed.

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