August 22, 2022

Episode #162: KICBUMP: Watching your partner go through childbirth, then going through it yourself! With Moana Hope

Although every woman’s pregnancy and birth story is different, one thing most mums can agree on is that a man will never truly understand what it’s like to go through childbirth – and so for a lot of mums, this includes their partner.

Former AFLW player & Survivor star Moana Hope is in the unique position where she knows exactly what it’s like from both perspectives! Her wife Isabella Carlstrom gave birth to their daughter Svea in 2020, then in June this year Moana gave birth to their son Ahi.

In this episode of KICBUMP, Moana not only shares her fascinating story of forming her beautiful family, but also generously tells her birth story for the first time.

Moana Hope


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